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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thoughts from Cosenza, Italy

Ciao from Italia! I'm here assisting my teacher this week as she gives a masterclass to a group of young harpists. I'm reminded how much I love Italy.

Things I appreciate about the Italians:
1. Their beautiful language (They sing when they speak.)
2. Their manner of talking (Usually loud, with copious hand gestures, and this multiplies if it involves eating.)
3. Their musicality (May be linked to their language?)
4. Their style and sense of fashion (Men in tight jeans)
5. Their pasta.
5. Their strong coffee and their frequent cigarettes breaks (both things I've given up giving up this week)

Other thoughts while being here:
1. Playing the harp in any capacity takes major guts.
2. Playing the harp (or any instrument) is a little like living life in general: It's never really finished... learning, growing, understanding, maturing, improving
3. Being in the teacher's chair causes one to learn many things, perhaps even more than the student
4. Humility comes before honor.

baci e arrivederci

1 comment:

Angela said...

hi Megan.
this masterclass is been very important for my musical growth and it have gived me the opportunity to know are a spacial person and a talent harpist.
good luck for your cd and at soon...I hope!