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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Chord

There's a chord that makes my day pretty much 5 days a week. It usually happens around 3:40. I'm at the junior high and it's the last class of the day.

The chord happens in measure 16 of a piece we're learning called "Flume Gorge" from Stephanie Curcio's Summer Day Suite.

I love this class. I love this piece. We are nerdy together, and this class in particular really searches for their own voice of expression in the pieces we learn. The 5 students take themselves seriously, but definitely not too seriously. Some days I think our class would make a nice sit com.

Anyway, the chord. It's one of those moments when every person is listening and contributing to the moment... sometimes this very thing doesn't even happen in professional chamber groups. These musicians make my day because they care about what they are doing in my class. I get un-grumpified. Ahh, the chord.

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