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Monday, May 10, 2010

Opal's Song

I just had a moment in class.

So there's this 7th grade student who's a true sweetheart. He also likes to jump off roofs, play with his rottweiler, wear his hair in a green mohawk, and occasionally make people cry just to amuse himself.

Today he was the one in tears, though- his grandmother passed away yesterday. He had to come to school because his dad was working and the rest of his family was already out of town. It was one of those days in life when you just want to be home.

It was also the day in class when we were working on our compositions. The students were supposed to have a rough draft ready and we were entering their piece onto Finale with the classroom computer.

His piece had been floundering.... he had a puny two measures written out after a whole week of work. He said he had writers block.

"What was your grandma's name?"


"Write your piece for her."

Opal's Song. That's the title. Dude- he cranked out an amazing piece in about 20 minutes and totally finished it. He's coming back after school to record it and then play the recording at the funeral.

It didn't have to be the harp, and it didn't have to be me, but I'm thankful that this student was able to express himself today. What a beautiful piece of music!

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