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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Egan

Two weeks to go now before the big week in the studio! 

I’ve decided to record the entire program on my Celtic harp- a Salvi Egan. Going out on a limb. In the harp world, you’re unfortunately categorized as a pedal harpist or a Celtic harpist. It’s especially disapproving to “go back” to the Celtic harp after “becoming” a Classical harpist. Like you’re backtracking. 

But I’ve got to say: I love the sound of the Celtic harp. Or at least mine! :-) The Salvi Egan. It has a clear, light sound with a rich bass. Choosing to play this harp is also, in a way, a statement from my end concerning the program: so much of the music of Bernard Andres is accessible on the Celtic harp and Classical harp alike. 

And so it will be: this album will be recorded on a Celtic harp. 

I realized while I was changing strings that when the idea for this recording project was born, I was working at the Sylvia Woods Harp Center where I was enveloped in harps of all kinds. I remember thinking that if I could adopt any harp from the floor, I would take the Egan. It was years later that I took mine home. And in a couple weeks, it will have all meant to be. 

Excited. Nervous. Thankful. 

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