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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes we can.

I write this after more than 15 hours of CNN coverage of today's inauguration, and 15.6 miles away from where George W. Bush made his homecoming this afternoon.

What a day. I'm emotionally exhausted and I was just watching it all from my computer at school!

This was a day of "WOW," followed by Yes ... Yes... Yes.

Today was the first day in my adult life that I have been proud to be a United States citizen. I remember being patriotic as a girl, but the past decade of meg-life has been one of cynicism and discontent towards America which has slowly grown into a fluffy tree of bitterness.

I have spent many years hiding my face as an American. I have, on several occasions, apologized to my deceased grandfather for my ungratefulness of his service in the military, and for being so embarrassed for his country, our country. I had been sitting down for the USA. In the place of patriotism I have had no comment. In the place of 4th of July fireworks, I've had skepticism.

But today. Today was the first day that I had hope for us as a nation. I'm standing. In silent somberness, I'm on my feet for President Obama. With a breath of relief, I'm standing in prayer... God bless us, God have mercy on us, forgive us. God help us. You can. Yes You can. Change us. Amen.

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