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Friday, February 20, 2009

Things that I like about this month so far

Things that I like about this month so far:

Finally performing a Pat Metheny tune that I have been drooling over for 9 years: "Just Like the Day." Thank you, Dan Smithiger, for the magical drumset-ness. I will remember that.

A Valentine's Day margarita on the romantic riverwalk of San Antonio (tout seul, mais ce n'est pas grave).

A surprise from my niece: a frog valentine card waiting for me in my post office box.

Practice time. That's something I hadn't had much of in the past months. On the front burners: Grandjany's Rhapsodie (another drool song for me) and Mambo by Bernard Andres.

Sushi in St. Louis.

Tasting my own medicine. In my dictator fashion, I declared Wednesdays a composition day in my harp classes. The students are working on their own compositions and writing them out- sweet! Until one of them asked me to write out one of my own that she'd heard me play. Touché.

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