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Saturday, June 12, 2010

To be someone's student

This weekend I got to see 5 of my students from Odessa perform at the UT Longhorn Harp Camp in Austin. They had spent a week eating and sleeping harp, and I went up to surprise them and take in the city of Austin one last time before I move out of the Lone Start State.

They made me so proud! I had a tear in my eye for their last piece- I'm really going to miss them. Not just them, but the entire lot of them. I'm really not looking forward to this next week of saying final goodbyes.

It's always nice to be in this city..... mmmmmm.... Austin. I can't not be in a fantastic mood here.

I realized something this weekend. I guess I knew it before, but it's becoming more prevelent? It has to do with the oral tradition of harp playing... it really does matter who you study with. A harp teacher becomes a friend and a mentor. And there is a special bond between two students of the same teacher, regardless of the point in time in which they studied with them. I see it in my teacher here, Delaine Fedson. I can relate with her students in particular. I spent an afternoon at Barton Springs with Jackie Ritter... I have never really met her before, but we have an instant connection simply because we've studied with Delaine.

Same goes for Delaine and Jackie... they both came from the same teacher. They share something special together... a person imparting their energy, talent, wisedom and blessing onto their student. Her and Delaine are able to rehearse almost without talking, Jackie says. Pretty cool.

Another example: myself and Santiago Morales. Nothing can replace the shared experience we have of being under the same teacher at the same time.

And lastly.... my students. I see them on stage, working together as a team, acting as family, sharing the same experience of being my student.


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