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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Top 10 from Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp 2010

Just finished up at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. I love this place. It's a perfect combination of work and play- teaching fascinating students and hanging out with fascinating artists.

Here's the top 10...

10. Club 30G (or, cabin 30g)... nightly campfire, smores, good people, hilarious conversation, stars, chimney logs, gold poking sticks
9. 2 AM melodica jam. I hope those videos don't make it to the internet.
8. My opera singer and Nascar fanatic cabinmate, Adriane
7. The harp minor class (AKA "Try a Harp") these young people warm my heart!
6. Practicing my French with the two international harp students- (never taught in French before. giddy up!)
5. Late night card games in Kresge with "the jazzers"
4. Oberon microbrew
3. Recital- performing Narthex by Bernard Andres with Rita Lenard and Autono Porteno by Piazzolla with real live tango dancers
2. Seeing the reunion of parents and students on the last day of camp. It reminded me of myself with my parents.
1. Swim, sunset, and campfire on Lake Michigan with interesting people

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